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Family Owned

& Operated

Inventor of the Hilrod

Patent Pending

Father N' Son Products

Est. 2017

Hilrod is a patent-pending tool, invented and designed by Cris and Wesley Lehman

Photography & video productions are provided by Nate Coughlin with MCT PRODUCTIONS




Based out of Dwight, IL



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Father N’ Products was founded by Cris (father) and Wesley (Son) Lehman. My

Father is man who showed me everything and taught me how to appreciate the outdoors.


From the beginning, my father used to drag me into the woods or field and carry all the gear.

As the years went on, I grew up and he slowed down. It was my turn to return the favor and start

Carrying all the gear and let him just bring snacks and a gun. After years of trying to find the best way to pack gear in/out there was just no good way to carry decoys.


Bags were ok because you could put them on like a book bag but you still had to dig through and hope nothing was tangled. Then in the water they’d fill up with water, take up a lot of space or they’d freeze to the bottom of the boat.


Texas Rigs on a carabiner were a pain to walk with over your shoulder and in the dark don’t drop of lose the carabiner. If that happened you could feel the frustration building and then the mess in the boat because they’d all scatter.


After being late on a prime migration day, the Hilrod was BORN! It was nearly 2 years in the making but in the Fall of 2016 my father

And I had found a prototype that fit the waterfowlers Needs! Waterfowl hunting is all about opportunities and some times you only

Have limited chance to harvest that duck/goose.

With The Hilrod, it will allow you to:

-set up at a much faster pace than before

-no tangles

-Being mobile through the roughest terrains

-organized to utilize the most space

-use with gloves to keep your hands warm

From the Beginning...