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Family Owned

& Operated

Inventor of the Hilrod

Patent Pending

Father N' Son Products

Est. 2017

Hilrod is a patent-pending tool, invented and designed by Cris and Wesley Lehman

Photography & video productions are provided by Nate Coughlin with MCT PRODUCTIONS




Based out of Dwight, IL



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family       started.

family ran

Meet our clan!

Cris - the dad who solves it all - co-owner of FNS Products and co-inventor of the Hilrod

Wes- the son behind the grind - co-owner of FNS Products and co-inventor & founder of the Hilrod and Tote'M Rod

Sue- the mom that makes the dream come together - lovely assistant who works harder then all of us combined

Nate- the man behind the camera... and most amazing friend we could ever ask for - best photographer with passion and dedication in all his work

Andie- the woman next to Wes - dedicated to helping close the gaps


Buck- the best hunting partner we could ever ask for - the black Labrador who owns Wes :-)